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Selection Services

Casework Our selection experts are experienced in working with Directors, Boards and Governors. As well as our admin team handling all administration our recruitment advisers assist you in making the right decisions at each step in the process. We do not employ the temp agency approach of sending you unassessed CVs. Throughout the project we use a structured and methodical approach with professional assessment techniques to evaluate applicants and help you understand each applicant's key attributes.

The assessment tools are designed to be easy enough for non-executive directors or members of governing bodies to use without losing the focus of the event: the right candidate. We also do background checks, take up references and check qualifications for you.

You'll find we are much less expensive than many other consultancies because we work smarter to keep costs down to a minimum, and service levels are still at the level of the best in any sector. We can always provide references if you are still not sure. Why not contact us for a quote?

Management and Staff Selection Service

Our aim is to make sure there are no surprises when you finally make that selection decision. Using advanced assessment techniques we provide a selection centre tailored to the post(s) you are reviewing, or recruiting to. This includes providing assessment material for your interviewers, role-plays, simulations and other exercises, all designed to bring the best (or worst!) out in the candidates you have selected for your shortlist.

Reorganisations and Internal Selection

When selecting from an internal pool of existing employees for different or fewer jobs in a reorganisation our selection service can be invaluable. We have wide experience of helping organisations with this type of exercise and also provide you with an excellent audit trail - just in case you are challenged.

Feedback to Candidates

We take particular pride in the way we give feedback, because we recognise your organisation (and ours) will benefit from candidates feeling valued. Candidates always appreciate the useful advice that can be given.

Psychometric Testing Service

We have access to a wide range of psychometric tests, management diagnostics and questionnaires. Fees are competitive and a fraction of the cost of some operators in this area. But, the service is high quality and the results speak for themselves. The service includes feedback to candidates. We are careful to ensure that you are given the correct advice over which tests to use and a qualified and experienced practitioner always carries out the interpretation of the results.

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