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SearchOur service is designed to offer a rigorous alternative to advertising - and whilst we know that some organisations have to advertise senior posts externally this service supplements that activity.

Our offering is based on a deep knowledge of recruitment research solutions delivered cross-sector, cross-border, and at all levels of seniority. This competitive strength has enabled us to bring our time and cost saving methodology to market. Our research team often has direct contact with the client and that means we can feedback and adjust the scope and direction of the project as it progresses ensuring success.

The basis of our service is rigorous hard work. We take your brief and having checked out the type of person you are looking for we'll convert your brief into a comprehensive list of target organisations. We then painstakingly research these targets to identify posts and then the people who might be in the right place to meet your requirements. Approaches are made and we "pitch" the job to prospective applicants, at the same time checking out their credentials, achievements, interest and credibility.

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This produces a list of qualified interested candidates and we aim to achieve 6 good, qualified, interested and short-listable candidates for each post through this method - a valuable addition to advertising which might attract a large cohort which on examination
turn out to be under qualified.

There are other services out there which claim to be search but they often rely on one person's understanding and contacts in-sector - not exactly rigorous, or unbiased. Our service starts from a blank sheet of paper each time - literally.

And the comprehensive report produced to you leaves you in no doubt about the effort and diligence that has gone into achieving a good outcome for you - we leave no stone unturned.

We can provide Search either as a stand-alone service or as part of a coherent
recruitment package.

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