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Recruitment Package

Recruitment Package Understanding your unique needs is key to successful recruitment. Whether a middle manager or a new CEO, it's all in the detail. And our attention to detail is where we beat our competition. Our thorough end-to-end service is based on detailed research and rigorous assessment backed by extensive experience. We match your requirements and deliver results, all at reasonable cost.

When you are faced with recruiting a senior post holder, principal or chief executive getting together a good shortlist can be time consuming and outside the scope of many HR/personnel departments. Not only that as there are also many parties to be kept informed, there is often sensitivity about applicants' identities and staff like to be properly involved in the process.

Our complete recruitment package takes all this into account and provides one of the most comprehensive services you'll find - whatever you pay

The full package includes

Project set up:

  • Taking a detailed brief and developing an attraction strategy and search pattern

  • Developing a project plan with dates and deliverables

  • Developing, or adopting existing, job description with a person specification which facilitates later assessment

  • Devising advertisement text along with devising and producing advertisement layout

  • Developing tailored application form where required and comprehensive guidance to candidates

  • Developing an attractive downloadable information pack to accompany the application forms

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Advertising and attraction

  • Advising Client on appropriate media and best route to follow for recruitment process

  • Booking space, creating artwork and managing its insertion in appropriate media

  • Proofing final copy, signing off for publication and placing copy

  • Managing the media schedule and all associated items

  • Providing a complete web-based applications system including on-line information packs and application forms backed by state of the art software to help us manage candidates and hep candidates register and apply for your position.

Targeted Search for candidates

  • Drawing up a list of target organisations in any sector across the world in consultation with you

  • Making sure that targeted organisations have the right capability and quality

  • Researching each establishment targeted and identifying who does what job where in that organisation

  • Using our established database and other contacts to ensure attraction of the right candidates

  • Approaching candidates, pitching the job to them and checking their background

  • Sending out advance information and encouraging interest

  • Following up potential candidates and inviting applications where appropriate

Handling response:

  • Taking telephone, fax, email, letter and web based responses to the advertisement

  • Answering queries about the post from interested potential candidates

  • Ensuring candidates have access to information pack by web or mail (and application form if needed)

  • Ensuring that unsuccessful candidates get prompt, kindly letters

  • Giving feedback to candidates where this is requested

  • Devising criteria and analysing completed applications to assist long-listing

  • Making recommendations about short listing and advising the client on suitable candidates

Initial Assessment:

  • Notifying all candidates of the outcomes

  • Ensure that selected candidates receive clear notification and guidance about the process

  • Ensuring attendance of the selected candidates at the interviews/assessment

  • Creating an appropriate suite of exercises for candidates with assessment criteria

  • Providing copies of candidates' applications to panel members

  • Briefing panel members and providing all interview frameworks and assessment materials

  • Working with the Client over hotel / room booking for the interviews

  • Creating a timetable to run multiple activities in parallel

  • Providing psychometric and other tests and qualified test administrator

  • Advising the panel on the short-listing of candidates for final assessment

  • Managing the outcomes including declining unsuccessful candidates, feedback to declined candidates where requested

  • Taking up references either at this stage or the next, depending on project timing and sector.

Final Assessment:

  • Managing the successful candidates and all administration for final interviews

  • Working with Client to ensure arrangements for final assessment made successfully

  • Creating further information pack for candidates

  • Briefing assessors and creating assessment exercises and assessment criteria

  • Providing all assessment material for assessors including timetable

  • Briefing candidates and provide any material they may require

  • Checking candidate qualifications, references and right to work documentation

  • Providing assessment framework to integrate assessment results

  • Providing any psychometric tests required

  • Declining unsuccessful candidates and providing detailed feedback where requested and the qualified test administrator

  • Assisting Client in drawing up offer for successful candidate

  • Negotiating the final package with the successful appointee

If there is a service that you are looking for in recruitment that does not appear here give us a call and ask us. For prices why not give us a ring and find out more.

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