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Indentifying Potential

Identifying Potential As specialists in search and recruitment you'd expect us to have the tools to be able to identify talent and potential. We do, of course, and can deploy these to help you identify potential amongst managers and senior staff. There are a number of ways we can help you but the most common are either centred on an individual or a small cohort of managers. Typical examples of the work we carry out with managers are set out below but as these are always developed for a particular client or manager you'd probably be better off giving us a call to discuss your requirements.

  • Assessment programmes for small cohorts of managers with full 1:1 feedback and development planning

  • Individual coaching and mentoring

  • Teambuilding

  • Dealing with the difficult issue


We can develop customised workshops or events to help build new teams, or help groups of staff develop creative solutions to everyday problems thereby making that extra contribution to your organisation. We have worked with many organisations in this way.

Dealing with the difficult issue

When dealing with complex and awkward issues, many find it easier to bring in an experienced facilitator. We have qualified mediators on our team where necessary or maybe you just need a management coach. We make sure that all those difficult questions are asked and answered and that meetings are structured and directed.

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We have helped a number of organisations with workshops that tackle a wide range of issues - working events that produce outcomes is where we excel and we can document the outcomes for you as part of the deal. Typical events:

  • Building a new team after change or a recruitment drive

  • Working with senior teams to help them identify priorities for your college or academy

  • Tackling key issues that are holding you back

  • Facilitating away-days so that managers get the best out of the time

We also have a wide range of workshops we can deploy to help you build the skills in your management teams.

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