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Management - Developing Skills

Developing Skills We don't stop at sourcing effective managers; we help you develop your own, driving the performance of your business. From all-inclusive assessment centres to competency based skills workshops some of which are shown below. Druines delivers leadership and management development tailored to your business needs: cost effective training resulting in measurable and lasting outcomes.

As part of your drive to improve your managers' skills we can devise a single workshop intended to tackle a specific issue or procedure or devise a complete management development programme specifically for your organisation; helping your managers learn and develop to the level needed to push your organisation forward and giving them the confidence to manage staff effectively.

We know how important it is to have well trained, motivated
and effective managers:

We also have a range of other workshops we can bring to bear on your issues.
They are always tailored to your priorities:

Leadership and management

We have often been asked to give managers and other senior staff a one-day 'taster' of leadership and management issues in the workplace and can design a programme which enables your issues to be addressed whilst at the same time giving managers and team leaders an insight to this interesting topic, which helps them reflect on their own performance.

Management of Absence

Helping supervisory staff reduce absenteeism and giving them clear guidance on how to deal with potentially difficult situations with staff is the core of this one-day programme. It includes clear guidance on what is and what is not permissible when dealing with staff absence.

Handling Discipline and Grievance

Hopefully many supervisory staff will never face having to deal with disciplinary matters and grievances, but being realistic this is unlikely. Our one-day workshop is an introduction to the correct approach to take and an introduction to the skills required to handle these difficult issues.

Improving Employee Performance

Bringing underperformance up to scratch is a testing task for those managing others. This one-day programme focuses on the issue of underperformance and how to get the best out of all staff. It can also be tailored to cover your capability procedures and give an introduction to the skills required and the right approach to be taken in issues of poor performance. Don't forget that if you want us to help you create a capability procedure for your organisation look at the personnel matters section.

Recruitment and Selection

Making the right choices in recruitment is essential for any organisation. As experts in the recruitment of senior staff in education we can help your recruiters follow best practice and learn the right skills to be accredited as able to conduct their own recruitment. Or, alternatively we can deliver a one-day programme to help recruiters make the right choices.

Staff Consultation Questionnaires

With the advent of the information and consultation regulations it's even more important to make sure your staff are involved in identifying issues that require attention and contributing to the way they are solved. We can provide an easy, confidential way of involving your staff using across the web technology and realistic pricing.

We will first discuss with you the objectives and outcomes you want from the exercise and then work with you to design a questionnaire, manage its implementation and analysis and help you interpret the results. All at much less than you might expect: why not ring us to find out more? (If necessary we can also conduct these exercises using a paper based system).

Other Courses

Apart from the courses already mentioned, we regularly provide training on the following:

  • Appraisal Skills
  • Coaching and mentoring skills
  • Interview skills - for interviewers and interviewees
  • Negotiation skills focussing on negotiations with employee representatives
  • Presentation skills
  • Sales skills/customer care
  • Employment law for senior staff

Have a question for us? You can call us on 03030 30 0131 (treated as a normal call and included in most call packages)
and we'll do our best to provide a solution that works for you.

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