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Coaching and Mentoring

Management CoachingWith qualified counsellors and coaches on our staff we can provide a number of service to individuals and groups who need it.

In the past clients have used us to provide outplacement support where change programmes are running and help individuals with interview preparation and presenting themselves for a job. So we can provide support to staff throughout the employment cycle - from hiring to firing.

In addition we have qualified mediators standing by - see this link for more information - where troubles are experienced with staff or managers.

As always, we tailor what we do to the needs of the client so why not give us a call and find out how much?
We promise you'll be underwhelmed at the price ... and overwhelmed by the service!

Supporting New Managerial Appointments

With every new appointment, internal or external there is a lag between appointment and joining and then between joining and performance.

We can help to reduce this unproductive time by working with you to develop and manage an individualised programme tailored to the appointment being made and the needs of the appointee. An internal appointee will need help in making the transition from one level to the next, an external appointee might need help getting to grips with a new sector, or just a new organisation (to them).

Working in this way means that new appointees feel supported right off, they start to engage with you while working their notice and they gains skills and insight that might otherwise not occur until post appointment.

Obviously each case is different and we tailor our work to your budget and the needs of each case so a call to us will enable us to give you a better idea of costs and resources we can deploy.

We can also extend this service to individuals who have been appointed to a new post and wants support from an independent third party to help them get to grips with the challenges quickly. This will be a tailored package of help agreed and priced at the outset.

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