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Assessment and Psychometrics

Assessment There is often a need to assess staff and that's where we can help, either to bring expertise in to build an assessment programme with you to assess external applicants or to provide an impartial view where your own staff are being assessed - for whatever reason. For the help we can provide with reorganisations click here.

We have wide experience of helping organisations assess people - staff or external applicants. We know how to construct events that work and how to generate exercises that separate the keen from the able, those with potential from those without.

For over 10 years we have worked with colleges large and small to assess staff. We provide a process which helps you maintain impartiality and also provides that audit trail to protect you from frivolous claims.

Typically we can provide:


Assessment of staff leading to selection for re-organisations where we advise on what is appropriate, generate exercises to bring out the skills people possess and help you identify those that take up new or remaining positions. Click here for more information.

Management Development

Assessment of managers to identify potential and development opportunities. We can provide anything from 1:1 assessment to a fully featured assessment centre using a wide variety of tools, exercises and assessments to identify development paths for managers and also to help in succession planning. We can follow this up by providing training or coaching and mentoring.

Psychometric Testing Service

We have access to a wide range of psychometric tests, management diagnostics and questionnaires. Fees are competitive and a fraction of the cost of some operators in this area. But, the service is high quality, includes feedback to candidates and the results speak for themselves.

We are careful to ensure that you are given the correct advice over which tests to use and a qualified and experienced practitioner always carries out the interpretation of the results. We even have a business psychologist on hand to help you make decisions about how to approach any given situation.

360-Degree Appraisal

A professional 360 Degree Appraisal can help if you are embarking on a programme of organisational or managerial development.

We have access to a number of proprietary instruments which use established models of management competence to make an analysis. Alternatively why not use our on-line system where we will design with you a bespoke 360 which matches your key criteria for success - be it a competence framework or some other system of performance measures?

And our service doesn't cost the earth. Set up is much lower than most and outputs are still among the best in the business - clear, graphical and easy to understand. It's all on-line, has self-nomination or controlled nomination - whichever suits best - and uses the latest in secure servers. We provide professional 1:1 feedback too so managers get the best out of the results.

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